I’ve coached hundreds of people going through big life transitions like:

  • Divorce

  • Health crisis

  • Empty Nest

  • Career Change

  • Loss of a loved one

And then there are those feeling like…”is this all there is?” and “is this the right relationship/marriage for me?” and “will I ever figure out my life’s purpose?”

What I’ve found is that the ONE quality that ties all women together is that we worry about our present situations and about our future.

We worry that we won’t have enough money to sustain ourselves, that we aren’t good enough parents, that we might be with the wrong partner or never find true love. We worry about aging, our health, or parent’s and children’s health and well-being.

I have found so much relief with ‘The Worry Detox’ I can now let some things go and, sit back as if it’s not really happening to me and, I feel the satisfaction of having done the work with a great Guide.
— Julia R.

We worry that we will never figure out why we are here, or live our life with purpose, or that time is running out. Sometimes, we worry that we worry too much.

The  28-day “The Worry Detox” program to help retrain the mind and the body away from habitual patterns, mostly based in our childhood, and into new life-affirming patterns of approaching stressful situations with a sense of trust and clarity.

Rather than letting the challenges take us down, we use them to rise. Radical gratitude is key to moving through it and on with it.

It is a fact that it takes 28 days to significantly change a pattern. In this program, through daily emails full of unique guided mind/body audio and video practices, participants learn how to break the addiction of worrying.

This 4-part, 4-week process includes:

  • Awareness: Becoming self-aware of the toxic and habitual worries that subconsciously are running our lives.

  • Clearing: Letting go of tensions in the body and mind that are at the root of drama and stress.

  • Reprogramming: Refocusing time and energy spent on worrying to create a new approach and a new reality.

  • Surrender: Choosing acceptance and radical gratitude to get the lessons from the fear so that worry can be cleared detoxed for good!  

When we learn how to focus on what we want, rather than what we don’t want, the situations that seemed out of our control are less threatening, and we have tools and techniques to move past the feeling of being stuck as a prisoner to worry and self-doubt.


I really enjoyed and looked forward to Kathryn’s 28 Day Worry Detox! I looked forward to the emails every day and the love, encouragement and positive energy Kathryn brought to my life in those 28 days! Thank you so much Kathryn!
— Rachel E.

Who is Kathryn Mitchem?

Kathryn Mitchem is a Mind-Body Women’s Transition Expert and Coach, momtrepreneur, seeker and teacher .

She works one on one, in groups, and through a variety of online programs with women facing tough transitions such as divorce, career change, health challenges and other midlife messes, to discover how to manage and navigate through the difficult emotions and worry that come along with unexpected change and crisis.

Kathryn teaches lifestyle tools from Yoga and Meditation that can be done in ten minutes or less to help cope with the extreme stress and uncertainty that these changes bring, resulting in the ability to see more clearly what the next step is in the process, and to move forward with a sense of trust, confidence and power.

Kathryn’s Worry Detox has been such a blessing. She explains coping techniques so well. Simple techniques but the daily reminders are essential to those like me who are afraid they will worry themselves to death. Thank you Kathryn for letting me be part of your journey.
— Allison B.